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The Mountain, the Moose and the Moccasin Man

1 Oct

Welcome to my first blog ever! Hopefully there will be more ๐Ÿ™‚ Thought I’d start one after all since I end up sending out mails with photo attachments and accompanying captions. Sometimes this does get painful – not only for me but also for those viewing it am sure. So here’s where I hope to give everyone a chance – to decide for themselves whether or not they’d like to go through the monotony all over again..

Meet Ashwin – 29, single(?), banker based in nyc. Ashwin’s sister Shivani and I were in college together and that’s how I know him. I leave home a little later than planned (what’s new?) and hope that Ashwin gets to Fungwah before me and more importantly with enough time to secure seats on the 7 pm departure for Boston. He doesn’t disappoint. ‘Good going Ashwin’ I think to myself as I see him waving frantically at me from his perch inside the bus. The bus leaves 15 minutes earlier for some reason and apart from an F1 like turn somewhere in Brooklyn its a fairly uneventful ride (by Fungwah standards) to Boston south station which is reached only a little later than scheduled (again by Fungwah standards) at 10 past 11 at night.

Meet Bhavjit er sorry make that Dr.Bhavjit Ghumman (PHd), polymer engineer based somewhere in Mass. Makes for good matrimonial column stuff no doubt! Although he’s supposed to pick us up from south stn, he awakes only at around the time of our arrival so comes up with an ingenious plan to pick us up from north station instead. No big deal we think – that’s only another 30 minutes and 2 train rides away from us – exhausted as we might be!! At midnight we pull out of Boston for what’s going to be a 3 and a half hour drive to Gorham, New Hampshire (NH). Uneventful yet again except for NH cops pulling us over at the respectable hour of 0215 am for doing 75 quite blissfully on a 55 mph zone. Bhavjit gets away shaken but not stirred (read no ticket!) We crash for 4 hours at this overpriced Mt.Madison Motel in Gorham town..

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